Fun and Fancy Free

When you get better at taking pictures of your friends and family members you will be surprised what types of requests you might start getting.

As is often the case when you are good at something you will have requests made, people will take note of your skill and start asking you for favors. This is great when you love snapping shots of people you are close to since you will be able take your skills to the next level. Often when you begin taking pictures of people, I’m not stalking about portraits here – just normal snapshots, you might have a hard time finding willing participants.

The reasons are many, but they often boil down to a question of trust. Do the people trust that you will take nice snapshots of them. The answer is usually no. But when you make a name for yourself, when people know that you can do a great job with them. That people look relaxed, happy, and are having fun you won’t have any trouble getting people to pose for a shot.

If you do happen to get a request from friends to help them save the memories you can be sure it is because they know you are skilled with what you do.

When I started taking my first pictures I had this wonderful talent of sending people running. The idea of having your picture take, for many, is an almost embarrassing experience. As a photographer it is your job to make them feel at ease and to bolster their self esteem so that you can get the best shots.

One trick is to play with the subject of your photo.

If you make the entire experience too ridged you end up with pictures of ridged people. When you are relaxed on the other hand, when you can goof around you will have pictures of happy people. And we can always use more photos of happy people.

Depending on the type of event that you are asked to take pictures at you will have to of course be more or less formal. But if you will be taking pictures at any of the common occasions, birthday, baby and bridal showers, or family celebrations a sense of humor about the assignment will go a long way.

Bridal showers on one of those events that you know are supposed to be fun. Even though they are connected to a wedding they are usually anything but formal. And a fun bridal shower gives you plenty of chances to find the fun subjects in the room.

For example there are usually a lot of games to be played at bridal showers. And you should be there to catch them. Find the shots that work and document the participants as they play.

Another good opportunity for you to make some wonderful memorable photos at a bridal shower is to arrange shots where the guests and the guest of honor are together.

One of the nice things about having fun photos from this type of party is that they can be used. Either in the form of invitations for another celebration or in the form of thank you cards. I often find it pleasant to include a photo in with the invitation or even in the whole invitation design.

Taking good photos shouldn’t be any more difficult than taking great photos, but if you want to take bad pictures you are usually in for a lot of work.

The good photos come naturally, the ones that take the most work are the ones that turn out the worst in the end.