Snap That

One of the most enjoyable things about modern life is that you always have a chance to grab a quick snapshot of the things around you.

Before the advent of the modern smartphone you really didn’t have a chance to capture the world in the same scope as we do now. I can’t tell you how many times I was out and about and found an amazing subject for a a quick snapshot. Did I get it? No. By the time you come back to the same spot hours or days later the chance is gone. You have little chance to capture the really good shots if you aren’t on top of things.

Even a minute can change the composition from one to memorable goodness to an unusable, often bland shot. The moment is what matters and unless you are fast you won’t get another opportunity to snap that.

When you see the ideal shot remember, even though you don’t have the biggest baddest camera a quick snot with your cellphone can be the only way to capture an incredible shot.

So don’t miss out, snap that!

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