Use Creative Photography To Shoot Wedding Shower Invitations

There are a lot of ways for you to use your photos. Uploading them to your social media account or sharing them on Instagram or Snapchat are one method, but to really get the most out of them you need to be creative.

There is creative photography and then there are creative uses for your photos. Both are rewarding in their own ways. Why don’t we take a couple of minutes to look at both.

Being Creative

Being creative doesn’t mean going out on a limb and trying to make something out of your photos that they aren’t. Being creative about your photographs is being realistic and finding ideas that work well based around what you want to do with them. Nobody would say that your snapshots at a wedding or bridal should be hanging in the MoMA. Still that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be any less rewarding for you or your friends that you share them with.

By understanding what an image is best used for you can really get the most out of the material that you have to work with.

When you achieve this, the ability to take creative photos and put them to wonderful uses isn’t that difficult.

We’re going to look at a couple of those uses and see what we can do to make the most out of the snapshots you’ve got at your albums.

The Where

So where did you take the picture? Were you in your local botanical garden? Your friends backyard grill party? Or maybe you were at some formal gathering?

Where you took the photos has a lot to do with what you can do with it.

For example if you were at a party the people you spent the evening with will be the ones that are the most interested in seeing the pictures. This usually means dumping them on Facebook or another social networking site that takes a lot of the personal feel out of them.

If the celebration was really fun, gave everyone present lasting memories, and you were diligent in documenting it why would you want to take the magic out of the moment and the photos?

The answer should be you wouldn’t.

And when you take the extra time to be creative you will be surprised how much more value the photo acquires.

Bridal showers are a great example that gives you an idea of this importance. It is one of those parties that offer everyone involved a chance to enjoy themselves at their own pace. But there are always plenty of opportunities to get fun photos you can put to creative uses.

For one thing the bridal shower is a setting where you will find a lot of different groups of people that come together to share an afternoon honoring the bride. The bride will also be the center of attention so you will notice a lot of emphasis goes her way. There will be games, food, and other forms of actives that make great photo opportunities.

There are also ways for you to take the photos out of this context and use them for other wedding related stock.

Now I know what you’re say: “what can that be?”

But the answer is anything, just as long as it fits.

The What

A nice photo fits the majority of tasks you put it to. One of them is in preparation for the thank you cards.

While there are many bridal shower invitations that allow you to include photos and other personal touches. The same can be said about the thank you card that follows after it. And if you want, a photo would fit here really well.

There are lots of ways you can use them to make the bridal shower more meaningful. One of the nicest things you can do is include one of the photos of the bride-to-be in the envelope with the thank you card. This will give the guests that attended the shower a nice treat, but also a meaningful keepsake. They will have a way to cherish the time they spent with their niece, granddaughter, or friend before she took the walk down the aisle. This beautiful contrast against the wedding photos that they will get is a nice way for them to put the bridal shower into context.

Just like bridal shower invitations that allow you to include a photo in the overall design there are also cards that give you the same chance. When you want to say thank you for an unforgettable bridal shower there is a really good way to do it. If the bridal shower was fun, light hearted, and informal you could snap a photo of the bride holding up gifts. This could then be added to a card with the text “Thank You” incorporated into the design.

For a creative photographer there are the shots that you see and there are the ones that you organize. Directing the action so that it gives you plenty of opportunities to make good use of the pictures is one thing that sets you apart from the people that simply snap away with their phones.

When you are creative the subjects come easy. A bridal shower suddenly becomes a great chance to get lots of useful pictures that you can use in creative ways.

But how?

We have looked at a couple of things that you can do to get nice shots. But what can you do with them?

The How

Sticking to the bridal shower theme let’s say that you were actually involved in the overall planning.


Now you have a leg up, you can help setup the different aspects where your skills will shine. Many of the most popular wedding shower invitations, these are couples bridal showers with the couple as the focus, include photos.

Usually the photos are taken during the engagement and then included in a photo montage on the invitation. This is a a fun way for the couple to show that they will be together at the celebration. But they can take a more formal tone as well. There are lots of opportunities for you to find the photos here.

Here is how you can use your photos for the couples’ wedding shower invitation:

1. Include a large format photo of the young couple on the gift table. The gift table is generally a center point for the shower and it doesn’t matter if they will be celebrating together or you will be taking a more traditional approach. 2. The invitations are another aspect that we have already looked at. But they offer a lot of chances for you to put your photos to work. Photo invitations for the wedding shower are a common choice for young couples and they add a personal touch to the card that other designs just don’t have. They are of course on the only type, nor do you have to choose them if you want to make the couple shine. 3. Don’t forget to include photos of when the couple was young. The past compared to the present is a fun way to make use of pictures that you have at your disposal. They are give way to the future when you have access to wedding photos.

Other Ideas

Today we have more opportunities than ever before to take pictures. Before the advent of digital photography you need to spend a lot of money on film and its development. Not any more. Today you can take a photo and send it around the world in minutes. Ensuring that family, friends and even complete strangers know what you are doing at all times.

Aside from being creative when you have the honor of shooting a few pictures at a bridal shower or some other form of special occasion what can you do with your pictures?


I used a number of new terms in today’s post which you might not be acquainted with. To help you better understand what we’re talking about I have put together a small glossary of some of these terms.

Creative Use of Photos

When people here this they often think of running it through a photo manipulation program like PhotoShop or apply some filters or adding text on it through sites like Instagram. Of course that is one way to be creative but it isn’t the only way.

When we talk about being creative with the photos that we take we are speaking about using them for something.

That something is the creative part of the process. And it is the part that the gives you the enjoyment from the photos as well as puts them to some sort of use.

Before when we took pictures they landed in an album or shoe box and were only pulled out in the event that we were feeling nostalgic. Few of these photos ever saw a picture frame. Now with things like scrapbooking and other such hobbies the pictures that we take can be given more attention. Large format photo collages and photographic sculptures make being creative fun.

And the sky is the limit when it comes to what we can do with them.

Wedding Showers

A wedding shower is essentially a bridal shower. Or, the essentially can be left out. It is a bridal shower where the couple is the focus. You could say that it is a couples shower of sorts.

The wedding shower is held the same as one where only the bride is the focus, but since both are present the guests are also usually mixed. While it might seem a little strange at first, after all, showers are only held for women, the advent of the couples wedding shower is actually pretty common.

For example it is common among young couples that don’t put a lot of stock in the traditional style of wedding. Or those that enjoy doing things together. A wedding shower is really ideal.

Photo Collage

When I talk about collages here I am not talking about those pin boards that you used to have in your room with random teen celebrities tacked to it. Instead I am actually talk about a real collage printed in a large format, you could say that it is the poster equivalent of a scrapbook page.

There are a lot of great tools out there that let you do this, both for your iPhone and online. One of my absolute favorites is from Fotojet. Their free online collage maker gives you lots of creative ways to shape your photos so that you have a beautifully laid out design. Since the application is free you don’t have to worry about spending a lot to prepare your collage. All you need are the photos and a little bit of time to design the collage.

But be warned, the process is so fun you will probably not be able to stop with just one. Here are a few of the designs that might appeal to you: