The Perfect Chance for a Photographer

This post is for everyone that is interested in expanding their skills as a photographer.

Are you looking for ways to learn how to take better pictures? Then you will love the idea of getting the camera focused on those less important important events in our lives. When you think about weddings you think about all of the perfect moments leading up to the biggest moment, the “I dos.”:

  • the save the date with that first hint of the wedding
  • the bridal shower and bachlorette party
  • the rehearsal dinner
  • the wedding and the following reception

All of these lead into one perfect experience that is a memory we cherish the rest of our lives.

Weddings are also one of the most formal affairs that we will ever celebrate. But there are still plenty of chances for you to get a few snapshots in. One of these is during the bridal shower. The other is during the rehearsal dinner. It is rare that the bachlorette party is captured on film. Not because of the reasons you might be thinking though. Because there is so much fun to be had that few people want to miss out taking photos.

If you’re going to offer your services as a friend and take on the role of the shower photographer make sure that you do it at the bridal shower. These are usually the easiest and most fun to shot. Bridal showers are also one of those special moments that the bride-to-be will usually want to hold tight as a cherished memory of her walk down the aisle.

And you can make sure that she has every chance with some well placed photos.

They are also excellent ways for you to get experience documenting something that is semi-formal, while being fun and carefree at the same time. Few weddings will afford you the same freedom that a bridal shower will and you should make use of this freedom.

When it comes to weddings the amount of skill required to document the day for the bride and groom is usually more than even an experienced amateur photographer can handle. So isn’t it better to do an amazing job at the shower instead?

Things like birthdays and family git together don’t have enough of the formal quality to allow you to get a lot of good shots.

That’s why if you are really dedicated to gaining experience, having fun, and making people happy the bridal shower is one chance you shouldn’t pass up.