How to Shoot Static Objects

When you take a picture of a person they are usually in movement. Unless you are taking a snapshot of Whistler’s mother you will need to keep movement in mind. Of course with static object, that is anything that isn’t in movement, this is something different than inanimate object, you have a lot of control.

One of the main benefits here is that you can make the most out of lighting, pose, and setting.

These are a lot of fun to shoot, and there is a lot of reasons why you will want to get good at learning how to take pictures of them.

One of the things that you will often see this technique used in is with weddings.

A wedding photographer not only has to be a talented portrait and landscape photographer, but they also have to know how to shoot static items to get the most out of them.

Everything in a wedding has a tendency to turn up in a photo at least once. And you can imagine which items are often the most photographed. Wedding rings, bouquets and even shoes tend to get a lot of time in front of the lens. And when you are shooting pictures of things like that you have to know how to get the most out of them.

There are a lot of things need to be taken into account to make this a fun photo that will be a cherished part of the wedding album.

But even if you aren’t asked to take photos at the wedding, no matter where you are there are plenty of things that need to be given your attention.

A flower is the same as a crushed can along the side of the street. It just comes down to your ability to interpret the composition, understand the lighting and use the setting to the best of your ability to get the most out of shot.

Taking photos of static object like invitations, cards, rings, or even shoes is a lot of fun, and it is very forgiving when it comes to getting the most out of the shot. The main reason is because these types of items don’t get impatient. They don’t want to get up and move around. They are happy to sit there and spend all day posing for you. When you finally do get the right shot you will be pleased with the patients that they were willing to give you.

This same patients and opportunity isn’t there when you shot weddings, bridal showers or even most other parties. The world is in flux around you and you as a hobby photographer need to keep that in mind and in your lens. Because the best shots are often the shots that we didn’t see coming.

The Job of a Good Photographer

Have you ever wondered why some photographers are just so amazing? Photographers like Gavin Evans have captured some of the most amazing pictures even seen. But what makes them good?

Knowing your work and striving to prefect it is one aspect of any job. The old saying “do a job and do it well” is one that tends to be forgotten in todays modern, often hectic world. But what does it mean to you? As a hobby anything can be fun. When you put effort into making progress, perfecting your skills can seem arduous, it can even take the fun out of the experience. But that shouldn’t cause you to turn away.

The more challenge you take on head first the more rewarding it is when you finally overcome the challenge. And it is important to note that it doesn’t need to be hard.

Some of the best photographers are the ones that have fun. There results look easy because they enjoyed the experience.

By embracing the experience, learning from it, you can really start to learn the tools of your trade. It doesn’t matter if you only pick up the camera once in a while, on the weekend, or you rely on your cellphone. The ability to learn, to grow, and to embody the traits of exceptional photographers is one that you will find most rewarding.

Now it is time to get busy. Stop reading about what you want to do, instead take out the camera and actually take a few shots.

Don’t worry about the results. Just shoot.

Use the knowledge that you have know to set the scene but don’t worry about the aspects you can’t control or you don’t understand. The more experience you make behind the lens, the more you will be able to enjoy the sensation of taking the pictures.

A good photographer is one that understands her job. It isn’t the one that understands everything about it. You can improve your skills as you go. You can never imrpove your skils by reading about it alone.

Your job as a photographer is to capture the world around you. It doesn’t matter how the end result looks.