The Perfect Chance for a Photographer

This post is for everyone that is interested in expanding their skills as a photographer.

Are you looking for ways to learn how to take better pictures? Then you will love the idea of getting the camera focused on those less important important events in our lives. When you think about weddings you think about all of the perfect moments leading up to the biggest moment, the “I dos.”:

  • the save the date with that first hint of the wedding
  • the bridal shower and bachlorette party
  • the rehearsal dinner
  • the wedding and the following reception

All of these lead into one perfect experience that is a memory we cherish the rest of our lives.

Weddings are also one of the most formal affairs that we will ever celebrate. But there are still plenty of chances for you to get a few snapshots in. One of these is during the bridal shower. The other is during the rehearsal dinner. It is rare that the bachlorette party is captured on film. Not because of the reasons you might be thinking though. Because there is so much fun to be had that few people want to miss out taking photos.

If you’re going to offer your services as a friend and take on the role of the shower photographer make sure that you do it at the bridal shower. These are usually the easiest and most fun to shot. Bridal showers are also one of those special moments that the bride-to-be will usually want to hold tight as a cherished memory of her walk down the aisle.

And you can make sure that she has every chance with some well placed photos.

They are also excellent ways for you to get experience documenting something that is semi-formal, while being fun and carefree at the same time. Few weddings will afford you the same freedom that a bridal shower will and you should make use of this freedom.

When it comes to weddings the amount of skill required to document the day for the bride and groom is usually more than even an experienced amateur photographer can handle. So isn’t it better to do an amazing job at the shower instead?

Things like birthdays and family git together don’t have enough of the formal quality to allow you to get a lot of good shots.

That’s why if you are really dedicated to gaining experience, having fun, and making people happy the bridal shower is one chance you shouldn’t pass up.

How to Shoot Static Objects

When you take a picture of a person they are usually in movement. Unless you are taking a snapshot of Whistler’s mother you will need to keep movement in mind. Of course with static object, that is anything that isn’t in movement, this is something different than inanimate object, you have a lot of control.

One of the main benefits here is that you can make the most out of lighting, pose, and setting.

These are a lot of fun to shoot, and there is a lot of reasons why you will want to get good at learning how to take pictures of them.

One of the things that you will often see this technique used in is with weddings.

A wedding photographer not only has to be a talented portrait and landscape photographer, but they also have to know how to shoot static items to get the most out of them.

Everything in a wedding has a tendency to turn up in a photo at least once. And you can imagine which items are often the most photographed. Wedding rings, bouquets and even shoes tend to get a lot of time in front of the lens. And when you are shooting pictures of things like that you have to know how to get the most out of them.

There are a lot of things need to be taken into account to make this a fun photo that will be a cherished part of the wedding album.

But even if you aren’t asked to take photos at the wedding, no matter where you are there are plenty of things that need to be given your attention.

A flower is the same as a crushed can along the side of the street. It just comes down to your ability to interpret the composition, understand the lighting and use the setting to the best of your ability to get the most out of shot.

Taking photos of static object like invitations, cards, rings, or even shoes is a lot of fun, and it is very forgiving when it comes to getting the most out of the shot. The main reason is because these types of items don’t get impatient. They don’t want to get up and move around. They are happy to sit there and spend all day posing for you. When you finally do get the right shot you will be pleased with the patients that they were willing to give you.

This same patients and opportunity isn’t there when you shot weddings, bridal showers or even most other parties. The world is in flux around you and you as a hobby photographer need to keep that in mind and in your lens. Because the best shots are often the shots that we didn’t see coming.

The Job of a Good Photographer

Have you ever wondered why some photographers are just so amazing? Photographers like Gavin Evans have captured some of the most amazing pictures even seen. But what makes them good?

Knowing your work and striving to prefect it is one aspect of any job. The old saying “do a job and do it well” is one that tends to be forgotten in todays modern, often hectic world. But what does it mean to you? As a hobby anything can be fun. When you put effort into making progress, perfecting your skills can seem arduous, it can even take the fun out of the experience. But that shouldn’t cause you to turn away.

The more challenge you take on head first the more rewarding it is when you finally overcome the challenge. And it is important to note that it doesn’t need to be hard.

Some of the best photographers are the ones that have fun. There results look easy because they enjoyed the experience.

By embracing the experience, learning from it, you can really start to learn the tools of your trade. It doesn’t matter if you only pick up the camera once in a while, on the weekend, or you rely on your cellphone. The ability to learn, to grow, and to embody the traits of exceptional photographers is one that you will find most rewarding.

Now it is time to get busy. Stop reading about what you want to do, instead take out the camera and actually take a few shots.

Don’t worry about the results. Just shoot.

Use the knowledge that you have know to set the scene but don’t worry about the aspects you can’t control or you don’t understand. The more experience you make behind the lens, the more you will be able to enjoy the sensation of taking the pictures.

A good photographer is one that understands her job. It isn’t the one that understands everything about it. You can improve your skills as you go. You can never imrpove your skils by reading about it alone.

Your job as a photographer is to capture the world around you. It doesn’t matter how the end result looks.

Snap That

One of the most enjoyable things about modern life is that you always have a chance to grab a quick snapshot of the things around you.

Before the advent of the modern smartphone you really didn’t have a chance to capture the world in the same scope as we do now. I can’t tell you how many times I was out and about and found an amazing subject for a a quick snapshot. Did I get it? No. By the time you come back to the same spot hours or days later the chance is gone. You have little chance to capture the really good shots if you aren’t on top of things.

Even a minute can change the composition from one to memorable goodness to an unusable, often bland shot. The moment is what matters and unless you are fast you won’t get another opportunity to snap that.

When you see the ideal shot remember, even though you don’t have the biggest baddest camera a quick snot with your cellphone can be the only way to capture an incredible shot.

So don’t miss out, snap that!

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Fun and Fancy Free

When you get better at taking pictures of your friends and family members you will be surprised what types of requests you might start getting.

As is often the case when you are good at something you will have requests made, people will take note of your skill and start asking you for favors. This is great when you love snapping shots of people you are close to since you will be able take your skills to the next level. Often when you begin taking pictures of people, I’m not stalking about portraits here – just normal snapshots, you might have a hard time finding willing participants.

The reasons are many, but they often boil down to a question of trust. Do the people trust that you will take nice snapshots of them. The answer is usually no. But when you make a name for yourself, when people know that you can do a great job with them. That people look relaxed, happy, and are having fun you won’t have any trouble getting people to pose for a shot.

If you do happen to get a request from friends to help them save the memories you can be sure it is because they know you are skilled with what you do.

When I started taking my first pictures I had this wonderful talent of sending people running. The idea of having your picture take, for many, is an almost embarrassing experience. As a photographer it is your job to make them feel at ease and to bolster their self esteem so that you can get the best shots.

One trick is to play with the subject of your photo.

If you make the entire experience too ridged you end up with pictures of ridged people. When you are relaxed on the other hand, when you can goof around you will have pictures of happy people. And we can always use more photos of happy people.

Depending on the type of event that you are asked to take pictures at you will have to of course be more or less formal. But if you will be taking pictures at any of the common occasions, birthday, baby and bridal showers, or family celebrations a sense of humor about the assignment will go a long way.

Bridal showers on one of those events that you know are supposed to be fun. Even though they are connected to a wedding they are usually anything but formal. And a fun bridal shower gives you plenty of chances to find the fun subjects in the room.

For example there are usually a lot of games to be played at bridal showers. And you should be there to catch them. Find the shots that work and document the participants as they play.

Another good opportunity for you to make some wonderful memorable photos at a bridal shower is to arrange shots where the guests and the guest of honor are together.

One of the nice things about having fun photos from this type of party is that they can be used. Either in the form of invitations for another celebration or in the form of thank you cards. I often find it pleasant to include a photo in with the invitation or even in the whole invitation design.

Taking good photos shouldn’t be any more difficult than taking great photos, but if you want to take bad pictures you are usually in for a lot of work.

The good photos come naturally, the ones that take the most work are the ones that turn out the worst in the end.

How to Have Fun and Document It Too

There are a lot of ways for you to celebrate. You are invited to parties, special events, and different types of showers all the time. But how do you enjoy them and document them at the same time?

You don’t want to be the guest that runs around and snaps shots of all of the details. This can be a real mood killer. Not just for you both the other guests as well.

If you are invited to a bridal shower you don’t want to be the insensitive one that is running around taking selfies with all of the guests.

Even if you haven’t seen them for a long time this can make you look self absorbed. It can also create a breaking effect for the other guests that might not want to have their picture taken right at that moment, or even at all.

By being considerate you can make sure that you get the documentation you crave and give the people you take photos of what they are looking for.

Let’s say that you will be attending a bridal shower, this is one of those events that you really want to capture and cherish forever. But how do you do that without looking like the odd one out. Of course there will be plenty of pictures taken. That isn’t the point. But when you want fancy photos you need to take a couple more. One photo doesn’t cut it. The more photos you have the more chances you have to make the most of them.

This can lead to a lot of work on your part. And the point of a bridal shower is to have fun. Both you and the other guest need to have a good time. If you start to feel like your goal of snapping a few great shots isn’t going well, or you get the work vide it is time to stop.

Step back and see what you can do differently. Not everything at the bridal shower needs to be photographed. Pick out the things that will provide the most memories. Friends, gifts, and food are a common point of interest. The goal is to have fun, and taking pictures of these things can be fun. But you need to go about it with a sense of calm. Make it silly. What ever you do, don’t make it work. And when you’re done you will have at least a few photos you can be happy with.

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Amazing, Phancy Photos

When I first envisioned this site I was sort of uncertain how I wanted to take it.

Being a photographer I had first thought that it would become my gallery. That changed over time though. And I decided that it would be the most beneficial to focus on the amateur aspect of photography.

There are so many different methods of “photography” today that the amateur is anyone that is holding their phone. While this is good, there are a lot of things that you can do to make the selfies better. The shot of the family pet. Or a photo of your loved ones. These are all things that you can focus on doing better. And if you really want to add the Phancy into the shot you need to know how to make due with what you have. While there are plenty of ways to do this, applying a filter to a poorly shot picture gives you the same thing. A poorly shot picture.

What I would like to share with you, if you will let me, are tips and suggestions on how to make your photos like as special to others as they are to you.

That means learning what you can do with your photos to make them fancy.

You will be surprised when you look at them, the difference will be like night and day.

This will really help you, no matter if you just want to snap a quick shot. Or you want to capture those precious moments in your life like for instance a group shot of the girls at a bridal shower.

When you know how to capture these moments so that they shine you will be able to appreciate the photos more.

Things bridal shower are events that only happen once in a lifetime. Even though you might be invited to many different ones in your lifetime the person in the middle of it all only ever going to sit there once. And you want to be able to document that.

So isn’t it time to learn how to take a great photos?

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